Cervical Cancer | FAQs

Q 1  What are the symptoms of cervical  Cancer ?

Presenting  symptoms can be excessive vaginal discharge which may be foul smelling , Irregular bleeding ( intermenstrual) , Postcoital  bleeding ( after Intercourse) ,postmenopausal bleeding .

Q 2 What are the risk factors of developing Cervical Cancer ?

 Early age at first sexual intercourse ,Having  multiple sex partners,  HPV infection , a viral infection sexually transmitted , Poor Hygiene ,Poor Socioeconomic condition, Smoking , Use of oral contraceptive pills .

Q 3  Is there any screening modality for cervical cancer ?

  Yes , PAP smear  and HPV testing

Q 4 When and from what age  should I do pap smear testing ?

 Pap smear testing alone should be started  from 21 year of age.

Q 5 How frequently it should be done ?

PAP smear testing should be done every 3 yearly until the age of 65 years of age.

Q 6 Is there any other test for screening in addition to pap smear testing ?

 Yes  HPV DNA testing , co testing  , i.e  after 30 year of age  both HPV and PAP smear testing should be done  every 3 yearly till the age of 65 years .