Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI


- Dr. Neena Singh Kumar
Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgeo

This is a medical condition called Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI

Worldwide, it is estimated that 1 in every 41women suffers from SUI.

SUI is COMMON and can definitely be TREATED.

Some facts that you should know about SUI

  • SUI is not an unavoidable part of growing older.
  • SUI could mean sudden and uncontrollable urine loss while doing everyday activities like:
    • Sneezing or coughing
    • Laughing
    • Kneeling down for puja, namaaz or prayer
    • Lifting objects at home
    • Walking while shopping
    • SUI does not get better over a period of time.
  • SUI does not improve by itself. It needs to be treated.
  • SUI, if not treated, could lead to chronic skin infections, urinary tract infections and complex urinary conditions.

SUI can affect you physically and also emotionally. Worry about constant wetness and fear of bad odour could cause you a great deal of discomfort, anxiety and embarrassment.

If you think that you or any of your loved ones could be suffering from SUI, this brochure will help you to explore a safe, widely accepted treatment option-the TVT procedure.

What is TVT Tension-Free Vaginal Tape?

When you suffer from SUI, the weakened muscles and connective tissue are not able to support the urethra in its normal position. This causes the leakage of urine.

The TVT* Tension-free Vaginal Tape is an innovative system that is placed under the urethra. It provides support when any stress is applied (such as during a cough or sneeze) and prevents involuntary loss of urine.

Why is TVT’ a good option?

  1. TVT’ offers a one-time, lasting relief.
  2. TVT’ is a minimally invasive procedure, so it requires minimum hospital stay which means quick recovery for you.
  3. TVT’ is not a major abdominal surgery- hence there is no scar after the operation.
  4. The sling is a permanent implant – so the material of the mesh used has to be of the highest quality. Johnson-Johnson offers you highest quality assurance.
  5. TVT’ has been successfully used by more than 1 million 2 women world – wide for the treatment of SUI.
  6. TVT’ is a safe procedure that will take less than 30 minutes.
  7. This procedure has proved to be extremely effective with long term success rate of 98% 3.